The band

aDinkra is an 8-piece fusion band formed by Nani Agbeli, a Ghanaian-born dancer/musician/performer and head of the African Music & Dance department at the California Institute of the Arts. At the root of all of aDinkra's music are traditional Ghanaian songs. The band weaves these lyrics, melodies, and rhythms together with a combination of traditional and western instruments. The result is music that is exciting and accessible to both Ghanaian and western listeners.

The message

aDinkra shows by example that while the instruments and sounds may be different, there is an undeniable compatibility between Ghanaian and American culture when merged together. The name aDinkra comes from the Ashanti collection of visual symbols that each represent a different life concept or aphorism. As each symbol tells a story as a part of the greater whole, so do the individual members of aDinkra contribute their unique voice to the band's collective sound.

The mission

aDinkra highlights the interconnectivity between tradition and everyday life, and they look to educate their listening audience. They seek to bring their audience into the world of traditional Ghanaian music by way of familiar sounds and styles; the music is as much for newcomers from any culture as it is for those already versed in traditional Ghanaian music. With a greater understanding of where traditions come from and how they have been passed on for generations, the group hopes their audience will find great value and pride in carrying out their own traditions.


Check out the debut video from aDinkra, "Sefofo"

Adinkra Online

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