HAUS Music

Who is HAUS?

Aside from his contributions as a musician, producer, mixer and engineer at his own studio called HAUS, Mitchell Haeuszer is also an artist. His journey has been a lifelong desire to communicate, which inspires his love of music. Mitchell has since found a passion for Music's ability to cultivate love, community and family. 

What is HAUS Music

HAUS Music is the collaborative project under the directorial vision of Mitchell Haeuszer. Mitchell's debut record (Amulet, Summer 2018) is a genuine expression of his love for collaboration and community. Within it, a vast host of masterful, lovely, gifted humans and musicians weave a rich tapestry of sonic love vibrations that envelope Mitchell's songs, often written with simple and direct messages. Each of these poignant statements could not have been expressed as eloquently or emphatically without the combined contribution of this extraordinary group of people.

Why we love HAUS Music

Dive in to the record, and experience a river of cascading melodies and warm harmony that will propel you across immense instrumental EarthScapes, through a dynamic world of bustling groovy palaces, melancholy love letters, and joyous anthems to freedom and friendship. 


Stream all of HAUS Music's productions on Soundcloud. 


An introduction to Mitchell and HAUS Music