Who he is

Mendeleyev is a Southern California based musician, songwriter, and producer with a peculiar sensibility. Lev has always been an excellent listener. His heart is open and accepting, and he has an unfailingly generous attitude that never betrays his selfless nature. This compassionate behavior has given Mendeleyev unusually keen insight into what it takes to be happy with yourself and others.

What he believes

In every way possible, Mendeleyev's musical voice is an attempt to honestly express his core beliefs of peace, unity, and self-actualization. He communicates these beliefs by producing highly creative and brazenly genre-defying works, brimming with joy and irreverence. They invite fans to question what they have formerly accepted as beautiful or rejected as hideous.

Aligning vibrations

Meet Mendeleyev with an open heart, and his music will return the favor. If you are struggling to find passion, fulfillment, or your own creative spirit, consider looking to Mendeleyev's message for inspiration.

One love.

-Mitchell Haeuszer, producer at HAUS Music


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"Pure" by Mendeleyev

Words and music by Mendeleyev

Produced, Mixed, and mastered by Mitchell Haeuszer

Shot and edited by Mendeleyev

Directed by Michael Karman