Our Philosophy

As we spin endless circles around the sun, it is the moon that pulls each of us. Our bodily rhythms, our moods, the patterns of our behavior are all affected by the wax and wane of this celestial sphere. Its cosmic sway is present by day and by night. Nitetides seeks truth in the night.

Meet the Band

Nitetides began as the soul jazz project of vocalist Nailah Middleton and bassist Alex Hamberger. They enlisted the guitar wizardry of Evan Montgomery and impressionist drumming of Nick Hon to fill out the band's ranks.

Beyond the Stars in the Sky

Nitetides has been playing together since late 2015 and remained active until mid 2017. Their releases were recorded at Beacon Street Studios in Venice, California, and the California Institute of the Arts. They reach beyond the stars to inform their alternative soul jazz sound.


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